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Azizzi Romeo:

Azizzi Romeo (born Ronaldo Zidane Azizzi Smith, 20 May 1999) is a Jamaican reggae and roots reggae recording artist who is also the youngest child of Jamaican reggae legend Max Romeo. Self proclaimed "The Progeny", Azizzi is a super talented singer, songwriter and musician with a knack of creative word play. Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Romeo and his family swapped Greenwich Town a crime infested community for a more peaceful life in Linstead, St. Catherine. In 2004 Azizzi, along with his siblings Xana Romeo & Lil Rolee all recorded their first ever song together "Singing The Blues". His father and lifelong friend Jallanzo saw great potential there and then and formed the duo Rominal. A decade later he and his older brother decided to part ways and pursue their own personal careers. Grow My Dread: On August 6, 2015, Grow My Dread was released digitally to the public and in one week the No.1 roots reggae single as it quickly took over the airwaves. This song would go on to be featured on the soundtrack of 2019 Jamaican/American movie "Sprinter" produced by Will & Jada Smith. The Progeny Mixtape: 19-­‐year-­‐old Jamaican reggae singer, Azizzi Romeo, announced the release of his first official mixtape on Thursday, November 22. This mixtape, dubbed The Progeny, was created in collaboration with Lion Trod, a notable roots-‐reggae dub selector from Kingston. The young artists musical prowess as a singer, instrumentalist, songwriter and producer showcased on his inaugural mix-tape is deemed outstanding. It features roots-­‐reggae dub-­‐style selections that address several worldwide issues, with stylings by his father, Max Romeo, and sister, Xana Romeo. His intricate vocals and word-­‐play are underscore by a few of his own "riddims" as well as notable preexisting roots-­‐reggae riddims. Available for booking festivals and venues internationally.